Welcome to SOHEVA – the Southern Oregon Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Association!

Franks Family with their Tesla

Franks Family with Tesla

You are at the right place for local info on buying, leasing or driving an EV.

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    Membership is $40/year. (This sustains our important volunteer activities, including printing, shirts, banners, brochures, and website, all of which help us advocate for EVs and cleaner air.) Your $40 gets a membership in EAA (a non-profit educational organization), and $20 of that comes back to our local SOHEVA chapter.
    To join SOHEVA simply sign up for the Electric Auto Association. Please specify that you wish to join the Southern Oregon Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Assn (under Northwest).
Come join us at our monthly meetings on the 3rd Monday of each month, from 7 to 8pm. Here’s the zoom link:
Jan 18 SOHEVA Meeting Canceled due to MLK conflict. Next SOHEVA Meeting: Feb 15, 7-8pm