The following list highlights most of the electric vehicles available today. Join us at our monthly meeting or at one of our many events to learn more from our members & volunteer EV educators.

Cars are listed in order of price from lowest to highest. Prices are MSRP; some dealers may offer substantial discounts. All prices are before tax credits and rebates. Click an image to learn more.

Smart EDSmart ED (smart cars are no longer sold in the US)
MSRP: $23,800
Range: 100 miles

Hyundai Ioniq ElectricHyundai Ioniq Electric (plug-in version available)
MSRP: $29,500
Range: 124 miles

Nissan LeafNissan Leaf
MSRP: $29,990
Range: 151 miles

Fiat 500eFiat 500e
MSRP: $32,995
Range: 84 miles

Kia Soul EVKia Soul EV
MSRP: $33,950
Range: 111 miles

Tesla Model 3Tesla Model 3
MSRP: $35,000
Range: 220 – 325 miles

Hyundai Kona ElectricHyundai Kona Electric
MSRP: $36,450
Range: 258 miles

Chevrolet BoltChevrolet Bolt
MSRP: $36,620
Range: 238 miles

BMW i3BMW i3 (Plug-in Hybrid version available)
MSRP: $44,450
Range: 153 miles

Jaguar I-PaceJaguar I-Pace
MSRP: $76,500
Range: 234 miles

Tesla Model STesla Model S
MSRP: $85,000
Range: 335 miles

Tesla Model XTesla Model X
MSRP: $89,500
Range: 295 miles

Aptera EVComing in 2021: Aptera solar car claims to need no charging
MSRP: $25,900
Range: 45-1000 miles