So you bought your first EV – now what?

Tesla Chargers

What do I need to know about long road trips?

Home Charging

  • Home EV Chargers
  • Things to consider about installing a home charger.
  • What might a home charger cost?
  • I can’t park close to the socket. Can I use an extension cord?
    Not recommended, but you can – if you keep a few things in mind.
    * Keep the cord as short as possible, only as long as you need.
    * Use a heavy duty appliance extension cord. These are thicker and heat up less. They cost a little more ($20 for that one).
    * As you are charging, check on the temperature of the extension cord. If it is getting warm, you should stop. Often it is best to charge on a night when it is cooler.
    * Make sure you plug into a grounded outlet that has a reset button.
    * Charging rate is slow: You get about 4 miles of charge per hour.


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