Charging – The Past & The Future (the Tesla Plug)

Here is a map of chargers for when you travel:

And a cool route planner:

And importantly, here are smartphone apps to find chargers:

Electrify America Introduces a New Mobile App to Find Chargers:

Here are locations of Rogue Valley chargers: (more coming soon!)

  • Ten free level 2 Chargers in the Ashland Public Parking Lot on Lithia Way (map)
  • Two level 2 Chargers in the Hargadine Parking Structure (must pay small parking fee) (map)
  • Safeway has two free level 2 charging stations (must sign-up with Chargepoint) (map)
  • ChargePoint Charging Station on Mt. Ashland (map)
  • 12 Tesla 250KW Superchargers at Medford Target (map)
  • New chargers are coming on all the time. No website has them all. The best are:
    Chargehub: Most complete map of chargers, it has filters for type of chargers and comments so you know if they are working properly.
    Chargepoint: Super easy to make payment. This program can also work with Apple Carplay.
    Plugshare: Easy to use. Shows charge types & can be used to pay.
    Chargeway: Easy to use and the app has a great trip planning function.